This document contains all the presentations from the Working Group's in person meeting held on the 27th of June in Zurich, Switzerland.

You can find the following contents: 

Introduction and updates from the organizers

·ISEAL Alliance – Introduction to the working group on sustainable public procurement, private standards and ecolabels
> slide 3
·UN Environment – Examples, experiences, and updates from the 10YFP SPP and CI-SCP programmes
> slide 7

Best Practice examples – tools, initiatives and resources by public procurers

·European Commission DG Environment -  The EU Ecolabel and SPP framework
> slide 31
·German Development Agency (GIZ) and Engagement Global – The German Sustainability Compass for Public Procurers
> slide 42
·Pussh Switzerland - Tools and Experiences from supporting SPP implementation in Switzerland
> slide 56
·City of Zurich – Zurich’s achievements and commitments to implement SPP
> slide 66
·US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Recommendations of Standards & Ecolabels
> slide 77

Best Practice examples – tools initiatives and resources from ecolabels, standards and other organizations

·Green Electronics Council –  Bringing responsible procurement and end-of-life management of electronics to India
> slide 89
·Good Environmental Choice Australia – New strategies and tools for the use of ecolabels
> slide 96
·Forest Steward Ship Council - FSC’s support webpage on sustainable public procurement
> slide 104
·International Learning Lab on Procurement and Human Rights - Introduction to the Learning Lab  
> slide 105

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