When: Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 - Friday, Nov 15, 2019, (All day)

Gujarat, India

ILCM is a flagship event instituted by FICCI to promote Life Cycle Thinking among various stakeholder groups in India - government, industry, academia as well as non-voluntary sector. The forum focuses exclusively on Life Cycle Management and related topics. The conference brings the latest knowledge and understanding on science based Sustainable Consumption and Production practices. Technical issues relevant to India drive the ILCM agenda.

ThereĀ is a call for abstracts/special sessions:

  1. How to embed Life Cycle considerations into Existing Business Practices
  2. Need for Evolving Life Cycle Assessment to achieve better alignment with Circular Economy
  3. Need for Indian LCIA Data Infrastructure for advancing Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy based strategies
  4. Progressing Indian LCA landscape from current product based LCA to the portfolio of LCAs, LCT in policy making

Please send your abstracts to

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