Dear All, 

We are developing a ILCD formatted national database for electricity and water for Turkey.  We need some advices:

  • We have collected data from the electricity producers. These data is primary data such as coal consumption for 1 kWh electricity production, and emission releasing from the coal combustion. But we have no data regarding to the background based on flows and emission such as coal mining, infrastructure, etc. Do we have to link our primary data to a background data such as ecoinvent/ELCD or PE to register to GLAD system? or is it sufficient to only give this primary data or only meta-data? Is it obligatory to link to the impact assessment to register to GLAD?  
  • Which tool do you advice us to use to generate ILCD formatted datasets? e.g. Open LCA, SimaPro or GaBi? Or more appropriate one?
  • I have seen that Life Cycle Initiative has given external reviewer support to Malaysia, Brasil and Tayland national dataset. Is there a cost for this external reviewing process? How can we take this kind of revieing support? Is it obligatory to make a external reviewing to register GLAD?
  • Could you give some additional advices to generate datasets.

We would be very glade if you help us.

Best regards,