LCA Databases Helpdesk

The Technical Helpdesk for LCA Databases is a new forum for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data experts, developers of new national databases, managers of existing databases, and other interested individuals. The ‘Technical Helpdesk’ provides stakeholders wishing to establish and operate LCA databases with both training and support by international experts.

The Technical Helpdesk facilitates communication among experts and stakeholders; it provides key informational resources as well as guidance on responsible management practices and technical requirements for database setup and operation.

In order to become a member of the Technical Helpdesk, click on ‘Request space membership’ below. You will automatically be added as a member to the Technical Helpdesk. As a member you will be able to use the features of the Helpdesk, contribute to its content and subscribe to notifications!

Among the features of the Helpdesk you will find:

- ‘Ask an Expert’ discussion forum for questions by members to experts

- ‘Tasking’ function for submitting requests for action to other members

- ‘Document repository’ including downloadable training materials

- ‘Agenda’ which provides a shared events calendar

- ‘Member Directory’ at the Clearinghouse level

- ‘Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to register as an expert in this Help Desk, please send an email with a copy of your CV to

The Helpdesk is a non-commercial forum.  All interactions must be conducted in a professional manner and serve to share experiences and knowledge regarding databases and curated repositories.  Helpdesk management reserves the right to operate the site in accordance with these principles.

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