When: Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 - Friday, Jul 28, 2017, (All day)

RMIT University, Mlebourne, Victoria 3000, AUSTRALIA 

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                                                                25th to 28th July 2017

In July 2017, RMIT University will host the “Symposium on Sustainable Development Research in Asia Pacific”, in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, HAW Hamburg, under the auspices of the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP).

The aim of the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme, established at the World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities 2014 in Manchester is to provide a platform, on which member universities may undertake research on matters related to sustainable development and to assemble interdisciplinary, cross-Faculty teams among its member universities, focusing on sustainable development, with a keen interest to engage on bidding for national and international sustainability research projects. 

The Symposium at RMIT University is designed to foster and facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of research projects, especially successful initiatives and good practice. It is not limited to a specific discipline, but intentionally seeks to promote sustainable development research across multi disciplines.  

Four key themes will be explored at the conference:

  • Education for Sustainability
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Infrastructure

A further aim of the event will be to document and disseminate the wealth of experiences on sustainable development research in the Asia-Pacific today. To this purpose, a peer-reviewed book titled “Sustainable Development Research at Universities in the Asia-Pacific” will be published, with all accepted papers. This will be part of the award-winning  “World Sustainability Series”, published by Springer, one of the world´s top five scientific publishers.


Join colleagues from across the Asia pacific region for this important event. This is the final call for proposals. Final papers are due on 30th May 2017.

All accepted papers will be published in a peer-reviewed book titled “Sustainable Development Research at Universities in the Asia-Pacific” as part of the award-winning “World Sustainability Series” ISSN: 2199-7373 published by Springer, one of the world´s top five scientific publishers.

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Keynote Speakers include:

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Jeff Oatman, Senior Manager – Market Engagement, Green Building Council of Australia

 Joining the GBCA in 2010, Jeff started work in Green Star certification where he oversaw the certification of more than 700 Green Star projects - from hospitals to hotels, schools to shopping centres, office towers to large-scale community developments the size of new cities. Jeff spearheaded the GBCA's continuous improvement strategy that has reduced Green Star assessment times, increased cost-effectiveness of certification and boosted customer satisfaction.

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Professor Kerry Shephard

Kerry is Professor of Higher Education Development at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He has a background in the biological sciences and extensive experience as university teacher and researcher before developing particular interests in learning and teaching. Kerry's interests span policy and practice in higher education, educational development and student learning. In particular, Kerry has broad interests in ‘learning in the affective domain’ and so is not only interested in what students know or in what skills they have to put their knowledge to effect but also in what they choose to do with the knowledge and skills they learn. Kerry’s recent research focuses on community-engaged learning and teaching, academic integrity, 'the public understanding of science' and ‘education for sustainability’.

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Professor Walter Leal

Professor Walter Leal teaches at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and holds the Chair
of Environment and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). He is the founding director of the Inter-University Sustainable Development  Research Programme (IUSDRP) and founding editor of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

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Sujeeva Setunge, Deputy Dean Research and Innovation for Engineering at RMIT University and also a professor of Civil Engineering

Sujeeva's current research interests focus on disaster resilience and sustainability of buildings and infrastructure and innovative and sustainable construction materials.  She is currently leading seven industry funded projects in these areas. Sujeeva is the chair of the research committee of the Centre for Pavement Excellence- Asia Pacific and a committee member of the UNISDR working group on construction policy and practice for disaster resilience. She is a fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered professional Engineer. 


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Maree Grenfell : Resilience Delivery Manager, Resilient Melbourne, City of Melbourne

Maree Grenfell is a sustainability and climate change professional with over fifteen years’ experience in a diverse number of roles. She has worked in private, community and government sectors to deliver dynamic change management in all aspects of sustainability. Achievements include the development of a corporate sustainability assessment framework for local government in Cairns, leading a regional climate adaptation response in Queensland and initiating a transformational organizational development program at the City of Melbourne. Her signature strength is to bring clarity and purpose to a project, injecting creativity and enthusiasm and her personal drive is to produce excellent long lasting results in whatever she applies herself to. Holding qualifications in leadership, psychology, facilitation and engagement, Maree is passionate about influencing positive change and working for our planet and its people; her goal is a community-centered future in which cities and human wellbeing are interdependent.

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Inter-University Research Programme over 100 universities collaborating on sustainable development research across the world.


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