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Sunday, February 18 2018

  • 11:02am

    Dear Upendra,

    Good job--a very detailed questionnaire . I have made a few observations on the rice/tea production. I will check the dairy questionnaire also and will post my observations if there were any addittional to below. 

    Firstly, I assume you are just looking at the processing stage, yes? And you are voluntarily disregarding the agriculture and cultivation process? I did not see data collection from the farms.

    1. One main consideration in all data collection practices: ensure that, with the collected data, you manage to calculate your LCI (inputs/outputs/emissions) per reference product, i.e. (I assume would be a) a Kg of tea/rice processed. It is important that the data collection is systematic enough, and the time/system boundaries are adjusted consistently to be able to scale the flows/information per unit of reference product.  So, if you have the production rate per year, the electricity consumption and amount of generated waste should also be at least in yearly terms to be able to calculate your LCI per reference product.  

    2. I understand that the agricultural products could be seasonal, and it might make sense to have data per season/month. But what is the reason behind data collection on a daily basis, for one month. Such month might not be a representative month. Also, if you aim to aggregate the collected data on a monthly (and eventually yearly) basis, data collection in daily terms and then aggregating in a monthly figure might be an additional effort with not much added value. 

    3. The questionnaire is very detailed. This is a double-sided sword: it is nice to have this detailed data, but it becomes cumbersome for the producer to document all the required data.  My recommendation is to thoroughly think of your final dataset and the info required for that. Then check if you really require all these data to develop such a dataset. Unless there are other reasons for this detailed data collection, you might want to reduce the details of your questionnaire. The parts I found that could be moderated are e.g. related to the working hours of the machines (page 24, 25, 26 of tea processing sheet), or the detailed info regarding the machines, as well as daily transportation details (Table 6.1 of tea processing).

    Other minor details:

    4. Waste treatment: on top of the amount of waste, it is required to know the composition of the waste (as you have correctly asked), but also the faith of waste. Is it burned, landfilled, gone through another type of waste management system, or simply left on the field?

     5. For transportation, it is always important to know the weight as well as the distance transported. In this way, table 4.1 of tea processing is not so useful as it misses the weight. Also, the truck capacity and load...

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