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Wednesday, February 7 2018

  • 3:42pm

    Dear Upendra,

    As you have rightly mentioned the questionairres are very comprehensive and I figure the companies in this space would smaller units I assume. Inorder to build a National database the most primary element would be to have good representation of data from all types of manufacturing units- small, medium, large and very large. The numbers for each industry would drastically vary and to get a true picture of the nation good spread is required.

    The segreagation of datasets is also another important point, like different tyes of datasets can be explored in Ecoinvent website. For example different types of cultivation modes should be different datasets. These questionaires are very comprehensive and highly diverse, I recommend as a starting point you can zero-in on the type of data required by looking at other datasets from different data regions. Only a more precise questionairre would help you to collect data effectively.

    Thanks and please do write to us in case of more questions!