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Wednesday, January 17 2018

  • 7:08pm

    Dear Pieter,

    your questions are on the point, but cannot faithfully answered in a simple "just do it that way". Any structured database setup, may it be national, sector or company databases need specific solutions regarding the specific ressources and boundaries, keeping the possibility to communicate and interoperate with as much as possible stakeholders, data providers and data users. There is no standard approach for a national databases and surely no standard fot its setup; different counties did solve it completely different, partly with conpletely differnet goal and target group and with different range, different interoperability options and different acceptance. As there is no standard precise "roadmap", you rather need to enter a structured process and way forward, using a guding "compass" instead (to decide on options on your way to keep the right direction) and to re-check the situation frequently to avoid traps you cannot not see in the beginning.   

    I will respond rather concise, as there is hardly one single answer and surely no single truth. However there are many options, which you need to know to find your individual (best) way of ...

    - not only setting up your National Database, but also to update and maintain it over time

    - and still keep it interoperable without or with least limitations of being bound to a single method, tool or solution.  

    Coming to your points:

    • Internal data collection / documentation

    A national databases needs a certain amount of "internal own national data". Existing or generic datat can be of great help, but the own nature of thre national data must be tracable back to national sources.  Simple adaption of data (of other regions) bears the risk of doing something pseudo-national, because certain data, technology or emission maybe completely irrelevant or wrong in different regions. So a natioanl database should know the core economic and industrial activities of the Nation and biuld around this. Internal as well as external documentation is crutial to be able to maintain, explain and update. A choice of (online) data collection tools as well as templates for siutable documentation is available.

    • Formats

    Concider solutions that are able to handle not only software specific formats, but also software independent formats. Maior software developers close ranks in the socalled PEF initative, develpoing possibilities to exchange on the software independent ILCD format. Related interfaces are aligning in the course of this PEF project. Software interfaces improved already significantly, so that data of different sources formats in PEF can be meanwhile much better exchanged as the sofwares align to ILCD as core format (besides their...

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