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Thursday, January 18 2018

  • 1:14pm

    Dear Pieter,

    Excuse this long delay. I had some practical issues finding my way to reply to your questions.

    Your questions are relevant and specific. I wish I could give you better answers. I think Martin's answers provide much help. I will give you maybe an aditional view. But I will unfortunately not be able to clarify much. 

    Internal data collection

    I do not know how different organizations deal with this problem. I assume your question is general. 

    I am not updated about the current status of editors. 

    File formats

    Choose any format that fulfils all requirements of 1) your in-house needs, 2) your calculation requirements, and 3) the GLAD data exchange requirements.

    There are no strong indications about where the future leads, so the best option is to store your documented data in a totally transparent and software independent database format.

    Database structure and GLAD

    There are no requirements on how to structure your database. Any organization does that so that it fulfils their own needs (see previous answer).

    I do not know if there are companies specializing in building (totally transparent and software independent) database formats. The existing database formats are hard coded into their software. Someone may consider the ecoinvent-database to be totally transparent and software independent. I do not think so. I would consider the Swedish LC center’s database to be transparent and independent, and the format may easily adapted for the additional requirements of GLAD. But there are different views on this.

    I am not updated about how the GLAD network actually works and its relationship with soda4LCA. You should contact the actual software developers.

    You should not expect that the different databases are merging into on internal LCA data format. However, the GLAD exchange format may eventually develop into one such international format. 


    So, in summary: 

    • Build your own database so that it is practical for your needs and can exchange data with GLAD and your software.
    • If you decide on structuring your own transparent and software independent database I may give you some further guidance about what to look for.